Venus Poon | 18

I am currently a first year student of the Game Development and Interactive Media program at Ontario Tech University. Throughout all my life, I have been fascinated by small things and enjoy learning a little bit of everything I could. As an aspiring game developer, I hope to do what I love and ideally working with VR simulations. 

Biology and health sciences have always been intriguing to me. This is especially the case as I suffer from health conditions and wish to better the life of people similar to me. In fact, this wish to better the life of others has made me yearn to work under the health care system to one day develop tools that can save lives.


I am currently managing and handling my own small business on the side. As a lover of art and crafts, I focus on designing and creating handmade items for clients.  As an aspiring designer, I also am creating designs for apparel which are to be launched around January 2024.